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Startup Visa Canada movement launched

A new movement has been launched to focus on making the Canadian immigration process easier for prospective entrepreneurs looking to enter the country.
Canadian immigration
The new Startup Visa Canada movement has been launched.
Startup Visa Canada is a new Canadian immigration movement which is looking to make it easier for international entrepreneurs toemigrate to Canada and work with Canadian investors to launch new science and technology companies.
The movement is comprised of three founding principles: Boris Wertz, Danny Robinson and the Canadian Venture Capital Association (CVCA). Both Wertz and Robinson have history as entrepreneurs and investors, and the CVCA is comprised of over 1,800 members who have a combined capital of over CA$75 billion under management.
The reasoning behind Startup Visa Canada being formed was summarised by Wertz: "We are already falling behind countries like Chile, Singapore and Britain, who have already upgraded their programs....but I believe we can learn from their programs and make ours better."
CVCA's director also commented on the need for the Canada visa process for entrepreneurs to be overhauled: “Our belief is that we must promote a culture of entrepreneurship in order to successfully compete in the new global economy.
"Canada can become a beacon, attracting the best and the brightest from across the globe.” 

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