Canada Immigration Options for People Under Age 30

By: Gianpaolo Panusa
As you probably know, immigration to Canada is restricted to a handful of occupations. One way around this is to acquire experience working in Canada at an appropriate job.

If you are without dependents and under age 30 (and in some cases, even over 30), you may qualify for an international youth exchange that will allow you to work in Canada from 6 months to two years depending on the country you are in.

You can usually work in any occupation you like, however, if you plan on immigrating permanently in the future, it would be crucial to work in a technical or management occupation in NOC A, B or O.

The following countries have youth exchange agreements with Canada:

* Argentina

* Armenia

* Australia

* Austria

* Belarus

* Belgium

* Brazil

* Chile

* Costa Rica

* Czech Republic

* Denmark

* Dominican Republic

* Finland

* France

* Germany

* Ireland

* Italy

* Japan

* Korea

* Lithuania

* Latvia

* Luxembourg

* Mexico

* Netherlands

* New Zealand

* Norway

* Peru

* Poland

* Russia

* Slovak Republic

* South Africa

* Spain

* Sweden

* Switzerland

* United Kingdom

* United States

There are also exchange programs with various international organizations such as AIESEC and IAESTE and others.

Each program has different qualifications, so check to see if any of these programs work for you.

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