Canada lures Indian students with citizenship offer.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Effective February 14th 2010 international students who attained a degree from a Quebec university will be offered a “certificate of selection” that will fast track them to obtaining Canadian citizenshi

Quebec Premier Jean Charest asserted that , "any student who obtains a bachelor, masters or PhD degree from a Quebec institute will automatically receive a certification of selection to become a citizen of Canada. This is the first time that such a step is being taken, and the idea is to recognise the efforts and skills of those who come to study with us. We have a shortage of skilled labourers, and we need to address that".

This move was intentional in luring students from India as Canada already has long standing partnerships with many Indian institutions.

Since its inception nine months, ago the Student Partners Program has seen approximately 4,000 applications submitted from Indian students intending to study in Canadian colleges and universities.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenny, commented that "international students bring with them new ideas and experiences and contribute both financially and culturally to the communities and institutions where they study."

A pilot project is currently under way to increase the processing time of students. As a result the acceptance rate has doubled and the applications of students are being processed in as little as two and a half weeks. Despite the quick processing time, the system is designed to identify fraudulent applications by administering a series of checks, including requiring the applicant to provide verifiable documentation as well as collecting feedback from colleges as to whether students are attending classes and upholding academic standards.

Currently there are more than 178,000 international students studying in Canada.

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