How to get a Job offer to work in Canada

The market is ripe for hiring and Canadian employers are realizing just how important immigrants are as a source of skilled labour. But it’s up to you to get that first Canadian job offer. That accomplished, your Canadian immigration application process and your settlement in Canada will be much smoother.

Work Permit – The quickest way to begin working in Canada is via a temporary Work Permit. We’re talking weeks, maybe even days, between the time you get the job offer and the time you can be living and working in Canada. As the name implies, these permits are issued for a specific period, but they are often renewable from inside Canada.

You have to apply for work in some of the job sites in Canada or register in a job reporting site then if an employer got interested in you, you may have a job offer right a way. Tell Canadian employers who you are and what you can do for them. Let them know that you’re keen to be a part of their organization. It’s not easy to get a job anywhere without being there in person but it depends on how much in demand your occupation is.

There are different ways of working in Canada such as

Permanent Employment:

In this type of position, the employee usually gets a package that involves base salary, health benefits and perhaps some other perks such as bonuses, company stock option plans, personal incentives, etc

Contract/Freelance Employment:
Usually entails being paid a fixed amount of money for a particular project with no additional benefits.This type of worker can be hired to address a particular problem that exists for a limited time, say several months and that contract worker must leave the company once the contract expires unless a new, longer-term contract is negotiated.

Part-time Employment:
In Canada, many jobs exist that offer occasional, weekend, evening, partial day or daily part-time employment.

Arranged Employment – This is a permanent job offer of indeterminate length made by a Canadian employer to a foreign national who intends to become a Canadian Permanent Resident. With this type of job offer, you will not be able to begin work until you receive your Canadian Permanent Resident Visa. However, your applications will receive priority processing in order to get you to Canada, and to your place of work, as soon as possible – in most cases in less than one year. What’s great about Arranged Employment is that the employer is not required to demonstrate that efforts were first made to hire Canadian workers.

Volunteering in Canada:
If you are studying or have the financial resources to dedicate a few weeks full-time or a few hours per week to volunteer with a not-for profit organization in Canada, that could pay enormously when you look for a job because of the following two reasons:

You will have proof of “Canadian Experience”
You will have demonstrated your concern for others and your willingness to help without expecting anything in return. Many employers in Canada will consider those who volunteer before those who do not.

Besides Work Permits and Arranged Employment, most Canadian provinces and territories have created immigration programs, specific to their needs, to recruit workers from abroad who intend to settle as Permanent Residents in a given province or territory. These Provincial Nomination Programs are also worthy of consideration as they offer expedited processing of foreign workers’ applications.
If you notice a delay or there is a drawback to Work Permits, it is that in some instances, the Canadian employer must first demonstrate that unsuccessful efforts were made to hire Canadian residents for the position being offered to the foreign worker. This can add some time to the Work Permit process. There are, however, many exemptions to this “Canadians first” requirement.


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