Canada in Top Five countries of the world by Employed Foreign Workers

A recent study shows that Canada among most attractive countries for international skilled workers to seek their employment, it hold 4th position after USA, Britain and Spain. In polls respondents indicated that would try to come to Canada to work, half of those also indicated that will seek for the opportunity to make immigration to Canada through their employment engagements. It is also noted that mobility of work force come with attributes of age and education, it is associated with young professionals with university education in their earlier 30-s. Canadian Immigration requirement for skilled worker immigration program set this criteria as preferred for Canada.

The reasons behind selecting Canada as top choice for immigration are obvious, high level of wages, lower cost of living in comparison to US, greater opportunities for employment within professional experience and educational background, career growth potential, welcoming social environment. Most foreigners working engineers, production operators, technicians and specialists in the field of information technology.

To work temporarily in Canada it is required to obtain Canadian Temporary Work Permit prior or/and related work visa documents prior to be allowed to work in Canada and choose different jobs. Those individuals who choose to apply for permanent residence in Canada upon completion of their initial working contract, having a job a demonstrating ability of finding job will in most cases qualify them for landed immigrant status without living Canada or going the standard immigration to Canada process.

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